19 May 2008

i baked more than chiffon cupcakes over the weekend!

here are three "cupcakes" i worked on over the past week and finished on saturday evening. yes, i confess, i'm addicted to the silhouette creative basics paper and ribbon! the card to the left is the one i made for bunny ( on the outside it says 'you know what's so great about this card?' on the inside it reads 'it's so much easier to open than a silly ol' present! happy birthday!'). the card in the middle is for my sil, melanie. the last card is for my bil, kirk(on the outside it says 'you know you're over the hill when "happy hour" means nap time!' on the inside it says 'happy birthday!').
i was also busy baking a chocolate chiffon cake and cupcakes(from alton's recipe) for bunny's birthday on saturday~i'll be making the homemade ice cream tomorrow, we ran out of eggs with the cake and cupcakes. i also made his favorite enchiladas(it's so great to make him the authentic recipes! i know the way to his heart is through his belly). i believe he and his belly had a happy birthday! and he loved my birthday card too!
well, i hope you like these little cupcakes! let me know what you think.


Jena said...

Fun cards - love the results of your 'baking' time ;-) TFS!

Nicole said...

Your cards turned out beautiful, thanks for sharing all the tips too! That little Emerson IS gorgeous!

Gerriann said...

These are really pretty! Thanks for leaving comments for Dave on my blog!

judy anderson said...

I looked at your WHOLE BLOG. Nice