31 May 2008

it's a boy!

we're new parents this evening! it's a gorgeous baby boy! he still doesn't have a name because the three of us are fighting over what his name will be. i say "bizhan deux"(in a sweet voice), bunny says "orange creme-o"("...and don't get him confused with what you guys are calling him"), and bubbie says "digiorno". lol, who knew naming a new kitten could excite such upset!
uhh ohh, bubbie has just come into our bedroom and it's definitively~bizhan (part deux)! we had another bizhan but he ran away when he went into heat. i totally understood, who could be a house cat when the tom in you calls you to the streets?! rofl!
so let me describe bizhan(part deux) to you! he's about 5 weeks and pretty good size too! he's obviously orange tabby(his ears and tail are a very faint orange tabby striping) and i believe a persian or something like that (that's why bizhan, a persian story prince's name, is perfect) because he is fluffy with eyes a blue so blue! (i love that story, my niece katie was in a dance dedicated to retelling that story through dance)
i totally fell in love immediately when i saw him! and here i thought i was going to be writing about being grandparents soon(we'd been thinking memphis was pregnant~and she's not even a year yet~she likes to play outside with miabella. i only let them out at night because i think they have more fun at night). mia is fixed but memphis isn't~so far it hasn't been a problem. but who knows with a new little boy in the house.
so how did miabella and memphis react to a new little brother in the house? well, mia sniffed him and got close but as he crawled toward her she hissed and ran downstairs. memphis sniffed him for about 1 second and started hissing and growling. i guess she doesn't like not being the baby any longer! ;0)
oh my, it's like i'm a married "old spinster" with a house full of cats now! when bunny goes to work and millE to school it's just going to be me and the kitties. i'm so in love with bizhan i have to be careful i don't turn into one of those hoarders i see on animal precinct (on animal planet) by adding to my "collection". hee!hee!
well, i'll take a pic and post it tomorrow. stay tuned for a june near you!
thanks for reading!
p.s. millE just announced that we(me and bunny) are not "proud parents". we're "proud grandparents" because in her words "he's my baby!"
p.s.s. i know it's naughty to have babies that are not spayed/neutered, but i promise you we'll get both of them fixed. i really don't believe in homeless pets that have to get euthanized! so stay tuned to find out about the surgeries!

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