01 June 2008

our pride vs. the lion king

ciao all!
so we've managed to get through the night and it's a brand new day with our new little "cub". he slept in millE's room in a soft bed she made for him with a huge rubbermaid container and some blankets. it was a peaceful night~i suppose~well, all i know is i slept well.
i couldn't wait to see the little guy this morning. i'll tell you he can totally hold his own. he's totally not intimidated by memphis and her hissing and growling(she sounds like a harley, maybe we should rename her that lol!).
so i'm thinking bizhan is young simba, miabella is sarobi, and memphis goes back and forth between nala and scar!(rofl). one moment she's all cute and playful then the next she's growling and trying to take out young simba! bunny has to be pumba, i'm timon/ed the hyena/mufasa and millE is zazu! what a pride! hakuna matata~all of the cubs got along well this morning!~despite the hissing and growling from "scar"! :0D
another thing i discovered this morning~bizhan's nose is orange too! his coloring is awesome! we're all so happy to have a new family member!
well, i have more things to work on to get more posts on today. so ciao for now!

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