04 June 2008

WARNING! i'm about to get really catty...

my goodness, i just love having a new little one in the house! i just love this little blue-eyed kitty! he is soooo spunky! he's totally not bigger than a minute but he acts as if he's one of sigfried and roy's large white tigers! my true blessing is he is soooo good about making it downstairs to the "kitterbox"! whoohoo! potty training took all of about 5 minutes! he's just so stinkin' cute! he seems to be absolutely fearless too! he jumps down from any height! he's got determination too~i watched him try to jump up on our mattress and climb up on our bed for like 10 minutes yesterday~he didn't give up until he jumped on his paper ball and then became more interested in playing with that than getting up on our bed. lol! oh my gosh, his little purr is like a small harley davidson! you'll be wrapped around his little paw once you hear it! that's my little "grandson" hee hee!
funny story(well, to me anyway~ hee hee). yesterday millE decided she wanted to go out with her friend angelle. so angelle arrives and millE runs down the stairs "bye mom, c u later, love you!" she calls out as she's running out. well, i waited like five minutes then i called her on her cellphone and i'm like:
'hi mom'
"did you forget something?"
'did i forget something?'
"uh, yeah, like your kid"
'mooommm, i didn't forget him'
"well, you didn't ask me to babysit. you should have taken him with you. that's what you get for being a single mom! it's hard getting a babysitter"
'uh, mom, he's asleep i don't have to worry about a babysitter. he knows how to use the litter box and get his own food and water!'
"so what about when he wakes up?! who's going to watch him around mia and memphis?"
'uh, mooommm!...'
"i'm just kidding honE, have fun! i love you! ciao for now"
'love you too mom, ciao!'
i mean, hey, she's so eager to say she's bizhan's mommy~well, take care of your child! hee! hee! i'm grandma~i don't have to be responsible for him, you're the mom! this has been so fun(ny) and so cute trying to teach her a lesson about being responsible for someone or something other than oneself. she thinks she's so big! "in 45 days i'll be a teenager!" she started saying the other day. i'm thinking 'ok, miss firecracker don't remind me(she's a 4th of july baby)!' well, i think twelve borderline thirteen is the perfect time to take care of your own pet. i believe learning to be responsible for someone/something other than yourself at an early age is the best thing for a person(but she better not have human children to be responsible for as a teenager! we're not planning on being true grandparents until she's out of college and married for a few years!).
well, an update on our pride~they're all getting along so well now! scar has calmed down into being nala more often with young simba and sarobi is her usual cool self with everyone. i couldn't be happier to have my little pride living in peace and harmony! well, i'll try to post more later. it's time for scrapbook memories tv!
ciao for now!

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