17 June 2008

will this do?

i'm finally making good on my promise, i'm posting pics of layouts!
i made this 2 page layout for a hostess club contest i entered(i still belong to another ctmh consultant's hostess club) a few months ago(no, i didn't win, but i didn't do anything to help myself win~i wasn't pleased with the pics i submitted so i didn't email everyone i know to go her website and vote for me~and it wasn't exactly "done" i staged it for the photos without adhesive just to get the entry in on time and some of the layout components moved).
well, i finished it today, so i'd have something to pacify you for a moment with layout cravings(you know i'm still working on the atc's and i have yet to start the cards for my card swap on the cropping chicks-ut) the title is "a little cat nap." it's kind of hard to tell that's what it says. of course i made it when i was a ctmh consultant so everything is ctmh. i got the layout recipe from cherish and it's on page 54 "interesting variation". i hope you like it! wait until you see what else i was down there "baking". thanks for looking. let me know what you think!

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