22 June 2008

and the pay it forwardammy goes too...

it's a three way tie! sandra t., tiffany johnson, and shielalocks(sanela, you were chosen but you said to choose another name)! ladies, ladies, please contact me at bellasbooteeque@yahoo.com with your addresses so i can get your pay it forwardammys out to you! thank you for playing and remember now it's your turn to post on your blogs a pay it forward contest and choose three names from the posts! you can send something handmade or store bought or both~it doesn't matter just pay it forward!
pay it forwardammy sponsored by "love, pass it on" and "the truth" odds of winning depends on amount of entries. taxes for all prizes sole responsibility of winners. for a list of winners look at the top of this post.


Sanela Kubiak said...

Congratulation ladies. I am sure you gonna love what she sends you. She is the BEST.

Tiffany Johnson said...

Holy Cow! I won!!!! YAY! I hope it's a card by you :) I love your work!!!! So, when are you officially moved in? Here's my email:tiffguam@gmail.com