13 June 2008

pay it forward contest

uh oh! looks like i won a contest on sanela's secret spot! i didn't think i'd win, i just wanted to post how i love sanela and her blog. but i did win, so i believe it's my turn to keep it going. i'll have millE pick the winners on friday 20 june 2008. so please post a comment on this post and you'll be entered. i believe you're supposed to have a blog and a way i can contact you if you win. good luck!
we should all do our part to "pay it forward"! thanks for playing!


Sanela Kubiak said...

You made me smile. I do believe I have found a good friend in you and maybe, just maybe we can meet in person too. I would love that. Now, if your precious daughter picks my number/name on June 20th, please take it out of box and pick someone else. I've got a friend and that is all I need. I just wanted to say I am glad I have "met" you and "I love you too". :) smile...

Tiffany Johnson said...

I'm all in! I can't top what sanela wrote to you...tear ;)

Sandra T. said...

Bella, I love to visit your blog. You need to post a picture of what you look like. Anyway, have a great weekend!!!
Sandra T.