09 June 2008

just for you tiffany

as i stated in my "ciao for now" post, i do not have anything negative to say against ctmh. i've left with positive thoughts and feelings toward ctmh. it's for me, target. when for my family's needs i need a super target! i read and re-read the consultant manual but for some reason some parts just kept escaping me.
let me take you back to the time i realized my options with ctmh were not as plentiful as i thought. i was on the consultant website perusing the bulletin boards and i came across a post in the artwork bb regarding ctmh consultant blogs and i'm like "hmm...that's a good idea. i just started one. i'll check that post out..." i read the posts and picked up links to a lot of ctmh sisters' blogs and/or websites and i was pretty stoked about that. then i read a couple of posts that highlighted the rules of ctmh (like i said that i obviously didn't read correctly) and my mouth fell open and my heart fell out! i didn't know all of the restrictions on blogs and websites and the angel policy and selling your handmade cards, etc. my hubby had just mentioned to me that he wanted me to stop giving my cards away for free and sell them. i felt stuck~i'm not going to do craft fairs until the fall/winter. i have things i'd like to make and sell now and i'd like to be able to post them on my blog. i'd like to be able to link to my website. there are a lot of things that you can get at super target that you can't get at target. see my point? the rules that su! has about online auction sites are valid and i wouldn't want to break those. with su! i'm able to create kits and sell them anywhere! i'm able to have a blog and talk about my workshops/classes and costs and everything else. i can link to my website too!
i hated to leave ctmh but i just needed
the extra freedom that su! allows its demonstrators to have. so, like i said, they're both great companies with fabulous products~one is just a better fit for my family's needs. i'm still in a hostess club, so i won't miss much~just the discount lol! i'll have to pay full price now! lol!
soooo there's your loooong story tiffany!


Tracy said...

Bella, I love your blog, you are inspiring and must have lots of energy...I love to create and I sell CTMH also. But right now I am focusing on my photography and learning everything possible I can about my camera and techniques. We will miss you at CTMH but I vistit your blog...smiles and good luck.


Tiffany Johnson said...

I didn't know about CTMH's policies prior to joining :( I'm just going to use my other stuff and sell cards that way. Good luck at SU! and you're more than welcome to use my discount!!!

Nikki said...

I agree! CTMH need to change their policies!!!
I hope SU is good to you.