03 June 2008

atc 3

yippee, i have 3 out of 10 done! i'm well on my way now! i hope you like the other two. i'm not totally fond of the one with the flourish(or atc 3, as i refer to it), but bunny says it looks good. so i'll go with that. thanks for looking! hope to be back on this evening! ciao for now!


Jamey said...

Lovely! I love those fairies!

Sanela Kubiak said...

I am totaly serious, I want those cards! :) They are adorable.

Sanela Kubiak said...

Hey again. You said you realy like my banner on my blog,so, send me your e-mail and I will mail it to you. I found that picture on the web and I croped it and made it into my banner. I do love that picture because the girl has red hair (I do too) and she just reminds me and looks closest as me. So, if you really like it just let me know. Later, Sanela

Tiffany Johnson said...

I wish they were bigger! Or rather, I wish I had them in my hands!!!

Tracy said...

I love the glitter,fairy and swirl combination. I am attracted to fairies but have not done anything with them....hmmmm...thanks for the inspriration!!!

Have a great time in Vegas, my dad lives there and we have never been able to go visit him...someday.

Hate to loose you at CTMH but I can't wait to see what you will inspire us with next.

Tracy in AR