01 June 2008

soooo....what do you think so far?

ciao all, maybe you've noticed bella's petit gateaux had a facelift(i think it makes me look younger~hee hee)! what do you think? let me know. oh, and, please vote in my poll regarding the tip of the day. i'd really like to know if they're helpful or not! grazie mille!


Tracy said...

Wanted to let you know you won my Creative Comments Challenge for the month of May.
In order for you to win you need to comment on my blog about your win within three (3) days of this posting, and email me your address as well so I can send you your CCC prize!

Sanela Kubiak said...

Just want to say, LOVE your facelift. It looks really cool. Maybe after a month or so I'll get one too. :) BTW, those cupcake cards are adorable. Can you send me couple? Later, Sanela

scrappin' happy said...

Love the new blog look. Congrats on your latest family member.
Fellow ctmh sister