14 June 2008

that's what you get for thinking

i know what you were thinking~"where's bella? she usually posts by now.it's the afternoon already! is she going to post today?!" i know, you thought you weren't going to hear from me today!
well, i'mmmm heeerrre!
so let me tell you what i've been up to. first i haven't been able to sleep very well. i've been staying up until dawn for the past few nights but last night was the first night i actually got some things "baked". the majority of my time has been spent online trying to sell my ctmh stuff that i can part with(my bogo sale i thought up) so i can make a little extra money to get the su! stuff i'd like to showcase at my first workshop on the 24th.
soooo, i bet you want to see what i worked on last night. well, take a look at the next couple of posts. as always, thanks for reading/looking. i appreciate your support! ciao for now!

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