01 June 2008

lovely day, lovely day, it's gonna be a...

lovely day! oh my goodness! so many things take my breath away(the biggest one is bunny~i'm so blessed to have a loving and gorgeous(like totally hotter than a gq model) hubby)!
yesterday, millE and i went out to run errands. we had to stop at the p.o. to mail packages and letters. then we went to roberts and guess what?! they had quickutz dies for 50% off! so i bought a couple of those along with some very beautiful paper so i can make some boxes to put cards in and i also picked up another adhesive runner. i'm behind on scrapbooking for us because i spend the majority of my baking time creating "cardcakes" and other gifts. i look at other ctmh sister sig lines on the consultant bulletin board with how many scrapbooking layouts they have as a goal and how many they have completed and the same with card goals and i'm like~"wow! i will aspire to that when i get more energy!" lol!

alert~off on another tangent here: i'm so bad, i've been scrapbooking with major commercial stuff(not my own little construction paper and magazine cutout scrapbooking i did as a child and teenager but actually d.o.t.s. and creative memories) since like 1994/1995/1996 when i discovered my beautiful bun was in the oven. and pretty much all i have scrapbooked for her are her ultrasound pictures~lol! that's bad, i know. worse yet i have roll upon roll of film, undeveloped and like over 13 years old! i think i'm going to go for it one of these days with one of those discount photo places and try to get them developed. i once heard "they grow up fast, don't let your kids stay as jpegs" well, what about "kids grow up fast, don't let them remain rolls of film"! in my case, lol!)
so after we left roberts we went over to the walmart supercenter(roberts and walmart are in the same strip mall) to pick up some things. we bought bunny an early father's day ~ a new smoothie maker. so he won't keep wearing out the blender! it's funny because we picked up more cat food, not knowing we'd have a new little one later that evening, even though they're not out of food yet(hmmm...could i be a tadbit clairvoyant? if it happens again i'll call dionne warwick and ask for a job on her psychic friends network! rofl :0) we also picked up some things to make dinner complete.

alert, another tangent: i made b'sghetti(don't you still love the cutesy words your kids say/said?) with meatballs(gianinni, don't worry they were turkey~i know you're reading this and thinking i'm still on my red meat kick but i actually used ground turkey this time! oh and i also baked the meatballs) and garlic cheese bread~hmm...we were so hungry i neglected to fix veggies with dinner. we did get a serving of fruit through the pom juice, though(and we had fruity push-ups for dessert)! i didn't feel like eating b'sghetti, so i made myself a meatball marinara hoagie.
while at walmart, i also picked up a neutrogena wave(pink of course)! my skin truly does feel "softer after only one use"! wow, i suppose there is some truth in advertising!

oh, wait, so the point of this post was to mention how much of a lovely day it was yesterday. while driving through east layton the view of the mountains took my breath away so i had millE snap a couple of shots( we were trying to get to highway 89 to get to clearfield to get to i-15 to get to clinton to get to the roberts and walmart). you can totally still see the snow on some of the peaks! snowbird resort is staying open until father's day this year because of the recent snow we received~imagine that, snow skiing in june!(is that because of el nino or la nina? hee hee)
so i guess that was my roundabout way of getting to the point of what a lovely day it was yesterday!
ok, ciao for now!

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