12 June 2008

ok, ok, i'm going!

yeah, yeah i know what you're saying~"quit posting pics of your 'lovely days' and get to posting pics of some of your 'cupcakes' we need some inspiration!" so ok, ok, i'm going down to my patisserie to bake up some kewl things to post.
sorry, with bunny off for the past couple of days, i didn't really feel like "baking cupcakes"~just spending time with him and getting errands done because i would be able to use the car. right now this is what is on my plate: 1. father's day cards(i need to get like 8 origami shirts folded for those or re-think cards for each fella on my list. 2. 13 criss cross cards for my swap with the cropping chicks-ut group 3. 8 more atc's for the swap. 4. some bella cards for my own happiness! and 5. finish emerson's brag book so i can get that mailed off too! so we'll see what i get done~at least my cellphone is charged up so whatever i get done i can take pics of! hasta manana!

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