17 June 2008

i guess i should wax more often and get braces, eh?

i didn't know i was looking like this! i rarely look at myself in the mirror before i go out. i just think, "well, i'm married already so who do i have to impress?!"
but my sister faizah sent me this pic on my cellphone the other day with this message:
please send me another picture of u. i don't like this one. Lol

hmmm...guess i better hold more workshops to make the $ to get to the aesthetician,eh?!
just poppin' in to say "good morning all"! i'll be back later. i was naughty last night~i cut out stamps instead of really "baking" anything. the only thing i made was an origami tie.
c u soon~well, later this afternoon!

1 comment:

Sanela Kubiak said...

I love your comments. You make me laugh. :) BTW, I'd really like to know what my good friend looks like. Send me a little better picture of you, Would you? :)