16 June 2008

had to postpone "baking"

i had to postpone "baking more cupcakes" because i've had a lot of domestic duties to tend to this day, this morning, this afternoon, this evening~you get me!
i'll tell you, it's not easy being a household coo, consultant for crafting and blogger! hee hee! but somehow i manage. hee hee! it's like i get torn sometimes between doing the laundry, or working on projects to showcase at my workshops and card club classes, or "baking a cupcake" and posting it here for you~ all four of my adoring fans! hee hee!
so i'm heading down to my patisserie to get some things made so i can post them for you all to see "tomorrow"(well, i say tomorrow because though i may get it done and posted tonight, it'll for sure be after midnight~yes, i know, there i go "burnin' the midnight oil" again!)
ta ta for now!(well, if i always said "ciao for now" you'd get burnt out on that~so i kicked it up a notch~bam!)

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