14 June 2008

another down, 7 more to go!

yep, i was at it again last night! i baked another little atc card for the swap. i was a little naughty~i sent one i'd already made to sanela as her second place prize for my blog candy contest. wellll...she loved the little one with the cupcake on it and i thought it would make her smile and at least i knew what might make a good "prize" for her since she didn't win the purse/box(the box i had to send parcel post to amanda because it was so freakin' heavy! i hope you'll get it soon amanda)
ok, so i've been thinking a lot about wishes lately. especially after watching oprah's secret behind the secret show(at least that's what i called it) replay on thursday. i am making a conscious effort to think more positively of myself and to give myself some daily affirmations so the universe will keep positivity in my life. one positively great thing~i have a very sweet friend named sanela! she has promised that when she makes it to utah we'll eat european chocolates together and i'll bake literal and figurative cupcakes and we'll scrap and make cards! doesn't that just sound dreamy? being agoraphobic has been tough~but i'm working on my anxiety and it's going good this weekend. that's why this blog is so important to me. oh, to get back on the subject of wishes~ that show was the inspiration for this atc!
thanks for looking! let me know what you think!

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Sanela Kubiak said...

You made me cry with this post. Thank you. Who says you can't have "cyber" friends that mean so much to you. I am so glad I have met you. Now, from my personal experience I can tell you that "Secret" works. E-mail me and we can talk about it.
PS: I see you as a beautiful person/friend and don't you ever forget that. :)