16 June 2008

we have a sphinx now!

naw, just kidding! it's actually miabella! millE thought she'd be so helpful to us by shaving her. well, she looks better than she did initially. i asked her who did she think she was? petco's groomer?! it was a nice gesture but i wish she would've asked me or bunny to help her because she cut mia a lot of places.
i mean we usually shave her for the summer so she won't be so miserable~maine coons have a lot, a lot, aaa loootttt of fur! i'm sure bunny is happy summer is here so we could shave her so he could quit his bellyaching over "cat hair on my suits". which is a thing of the past since we've moved. he can be such a drama king sometimes.
anyway, i hope you're all doing good today/this evening! i'll be back later on to post some pics of some more "cupcakes"!
thanks for stopping by!

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Sanela Kubiak said...

Well, I had to smile. It is very nice thing that she wanted to help and I think the kitty looks cute too. :) You have to scrapbook those pics. Priceless.