27 June 2008

i'm still here!

ciao all! what a week! aye aye aye! i'm so tired, worn out, and sleepy!
where do i begin?!
my workshop went well on tuesday night. this is what i wrote a dear friend about it:
it went really well, i had someone come i wasn't expecting. i was a little nervous because i had it advertised on the main su! website. i was scared i would get calls and a few ladies would show up i wasn't expecting. millE's best friend and her mom came~she's the someone i wasn't expecting but she had a great time and it was her first time ever doing any scrapping or card making, so it made me feel good to actually get to "teach" someone something. and a few of my die-hard fans/friends(customers) came, so it was really fun. i served a "light dinner" of half homemade and half store-bought chinese food. i bought mini egg rolls(kung pao chicken flavor) and cream cheese won tons and made chicken fried rice and sweet 'n' sour sauce( i was really like emeril and kicked it up a notch~it was spiiiiicy! but really "delish" i put crushed pineapple in it) so the food was a big hit. and they loved my projects. i made a sour cream container(bunny saved me by bringing home salt water taffy so we'd have candy to enclose in them~lol), a thank you card from the "fresh cuts" promo that su! is running right now, a "thinking of you" card from the eScape bundle promo su! is doing, and a "thank you" card that i created from a recipe i saw in the demonstrator template/pattern section of the demo website.

well, after my last guest left tuesday night my aunt flo' showed up for a surprise visit(well, i wasn't expecting her until tomorrow) and she brought a few of her favorite friends c.r. amps and mi graine. so i took 1/4th of my pill on wednesday night to just not be miserable during this visit and it has taken me this long to really have the energy and be coherent enough to post! i am still so sleepy!
good things to report~ 1. i'm feelings lots better. 2. i made cute projects for my workshop to post. 3. i got all 14 of my swap cards done! 4.
i made a cute little dress card to post.
ok, so i need to get my cellphone charged and get the pics taken to post. i'll be back!
ciao for now!

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Tiffany Johnson said...

Glad to hear you're back! Do post those new projects!