02 June 2008

something smells fishy

i wish they had altoids for cats! miabella's breath is like way too much for me! i should invent some catoids or something! lol! now watch, i'll be like that guy on the patent commercial ("snap your fingers to turn on a light, i thought of that, shoulda got a patent"). someone will come out with curiously strong breath mints for cats! and i'll say to myself, "hey, i thought of that! shoulda got a patent!"rofl! "curious of that fishy smell? you need catoids the curiously strong breath mints for cats..." i'll tell you my curiosity just about killed me when i got a whiff of her breath! eek! yuck! totally grodie! like oh my gahhhhd! i think i'm only going to purchase chicken or beef food for them. better yet i want to find a vegan cat food, maybe it will have mint , parsley and other herbs in it and her breath will be swwweeeet! oh, well, i can dream can't i?(hopefully in her next 8 lives she'll have catoids)
well, ciao for now, have a lovely afternoon! i'm off to a dr. appt. hope to get a chance to post this evening!

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